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I extend a very warm welcome to the PlayIt website, at which you are going to find the answers to all casino game questions, and our team will be introducing you to the best licensed and regulated Canada casino sites as well.

It does not matter whether you are a penny slot player or a high rolling Blackjack player, we are going to enlighten you on all there is to know about online casinos, including the best methods for you to make use of when making a deposit and cashing out your winnings to everything in between.

Exclusive Canadian Casino Bonuses from Play It

Our team here at Play It have been able to secure a range of exclusive bonuses at some of the leading Canadian player friendly online casino sites, and as such if you have not yet signed up to any of the ones showcased throughout this website, do consider doing so to take advantage of those enhanced offers.

Part and parcel of becoming a much more experienced casino game player, especially when playing online, is knowing how to spot the best valued promotional deals, and we have plenty of helpful and informative guides and articles that will help you spot them all.

With players bankrolls being reduced in value recently you really do owe it to yourself to make your gambling budget stretch as far as possible, and that is exactly what you will be able to do when you know just which bonuses are worth claiming, and which ones are not wort your time and effort making use of.

We will also give you an insight into just which casino sites offer the best rewards schemes too and give you an overview of which rewards schemes are going to help you get much better gaming value when you choose to play online casino games in a real money playing environment, as opposed to simply playing for free via the demo mode games offered at our featured Canadian Casinos.

New Casino Games Canadian Players Will Love

Discovering a brand-new online casino game that you have never played before, but you find appealing is always exciting, and with so many new games being launched week after week online, you are always going to have the pick of the best ones, when playing out our approved casinos.

However, finding a new game is one thing, but another is working out whether that game is truly worthy of your gaming action, for at the end of the day each game will have its own house edge and payout percentage.

The only games you should be playing are for example card and table games that come with the lowest house edges, and if you love playing video poker games or even slot machines, then the ones that have the highest RTP’s should be right at the top of your list of ones to play.

When our team here at Play It reviews new games we always try and give you as much information as possible on how they have been designed, and as such that includes the all-important payback information on each new game, so always make a point of finding out which games offer the very highest set of paybacks.

Latest News from Casinos in Canada from Play It

Keeping up to date with everything that is happening in the online casino game playing environment in Canada is important to all players, and that is something that you are easily going to be able to do as we regularly update our website with such news stories.

You will find details of what is happening by way of special offers, casino game tournaments and even any new casino launched and a plethora of other up to the minute news stories, so make sure that you bookmark our website and check back regularly for updates.

Bonuses and special offers can and do change at short notice, and as we have been able to negotiate some of the highest valued new player sign up offers for our website visitors, please do make sure you have a good look through our casino reviews.

By doing so we guarantee that you will not only find some of the best new and established online casinos at which you can of course sign up if you are in Canada and deposit, play and cash out your winnings in CAD, but you will also be guaranteed of having the best possible online gaming sessions at our featured casinos too.

Top Tips and Game Guides from Professional Players

To help you gain a much greater understanding of just how each type of casino game that you will come across online, we have put together a range of guides that will reveal to you the RTP’s and house edges on some of the most popular and most played categories of games.

Please do therefore make sure that you have a look at our Blackjack House Edge Guide that will allow you to work out just which Blackjack games have the lowest house edges and which variants online you will be best off avoiding.

To give all slot players the best chances of winning we have also put together a listing of the Online Slots with the Highest Payout Percentages, and as such if you enjoy playing those types of games online, then I urge you to take a good look through that guide.

If you are on the hunt for the Video Poker Games with the Top Pay Tables then we have just uploaded a guide on that very topic and urge you to check it out, as by doing so you will be easily able to spot those types of games which offer you the best set of paybacks instantly.