This guide will be one you should read through if you are an avid online real money Blackjack player but also are thinking about playing at any casino sites that offer the impressive and always popular range of Playtech designed card and table games.

As you will see from below, I have listed several different Playtech Blackjack game variants and an overview of the rules of each game, but much more importantly you will also discover, as you read on, the house edges each game offers to players who play using perfect playing strategy too.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch from Playtech, when played perfectly has a house edge of 0.16%, and it has been designed in such a way that there are 6 decks in play in the shoe. When the Dealer has been dealt out a Soft 17 then he must Hit that hand.

Players can double down on Any two initial cards and in total when re-splitting they can form up to a maximum of 4 Hands.


When playing the Pontoon game at Playtech powered online casinos, and you are using the best strategy you will get the house edge down to some 0.38%, and that variant is going to be using a total of 8 decks in the shoe.

The Dealer is required to Hit any Soft 17 hand, and you can Double Down on Any two cards so keep that in mind, and if you choose to re-split hands when playing when permitted in total you can form a total of some 3 Hands in total.

Blackjack Surrender 

As for the house edge of the Blackjack Surrender game from Playtech, if you do master playing it you can get it as low as just 0.39% and that game does use a total of 6 decks of playing cards in the shoe too. The Dealer rules as to how he must play a Soft 17 is that he must at all times Stand such hands.

If you want to, then you can Double Down on any two initial cards that have been dealt out to you, but you cannot re-split any cards.

Blackjack Pro

Another Blackjack game that you may enjoy playing is the Playtech designed Blackjack Pro game, and as for what that game offers by way of its house edge, using perfect strategy will see it being as low as just 0.48%, but be aware that one deck of cards will be in play in the shoe.

The Double Down rules of this Blackjack game variant allow you to do so when dealt out a 10 to 11 and no re-splitting is permitted.

Standard Blackjack

You will find that the Standard Blackjack game available form casinos that have Playtech’s range of games on offer boast a house edge to player who use the perfect playing strategy of some 0.49% and this variant utilizes a total of 6 decks of cards in its shoe.

A Soft 17 dealt out to the Dealer will see the Dealer being required to at all times Stand that hand and Double Down is offered on Any two cards. Players cannot re-split a hand though.